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Level 2

[[ ]] The story goes like this: Earth was captured by a retroviral singularity as autodidactic Deleuzians and Twitter online discourse navigation lock into crypto commercialization takeoff. Logistically underdeveloped infrastructure crumbles under the weight of hyper-libidinal stupidity as auto-assembling DAOs run away. As non-sapient intelligence emerges, politics polarizes, downgrades rationality; no one can “get a grip.” The body count climbs through a series of Covidian (time) ‘waves.’

Interplanetary commercium spreads contagion and crashes the New “Holy Roman Empire,” The CPRC, the UN, and the entire global South. Accelerating world disorder through compressing time phases. Decentralization and the Feds arms-race each other into WEB 3.0. By the time you get your Urbit ID, Amazon’s servers are manufacturing another censorship crisis. mRNA vaccinations, transfers geno-data , anti-viral replication, and “mark of the beast”-robotics, flood in the news outlets, accelerating confirmation bias.

Neo-China arrived from the future.

Non-FDA-approved drugs right-click into Q-anon conscious ROM. Corona Virus. Respiratory culture-spasm.

[[ ]] Beyond the Judgement of President Trump. Ascension: planetary china-virus syndrome, transmutes extensive space into Discordian Non-Places, recursive speculative bubble crisis, repetitive ultravirus syndrome, and online social justice activism, is reinvigorated of all its Christian-socialist eschatology. The algorithm is ready to strike your TikTok, infect your Google account, and suck your life force like a succubus from your haecceity.

[[ ]] Libidinal Economics. Lyotardian Freudian Realism is scoffed at and spat on. Considered as Lyotards “wicked book,” it perfectly encapsulates what would be known as economics free of fundamentals and instrumental rationality. Molting from its calcified Modernist Framework, as post-modern hyper-Financialization shed’s its illusory simulacrum flat ontology and emerges as the grotesque monster it’s always been: The Metaphysics of Desire. Deleuzian Philosophy is inclined to fall in love with itself due to its overconfidence in overcoming “Platonic-fascist top-down” schemas. Schizoanalysis was intended to work differently. It is fetishized for avoiding Ideas, sticking to diagrams, complex dynamics network interfaces and creating decentralized spaces, hacking arborous structures to create bodies without organs.

“BWOs, machinic singularities or tractor fields emerge through the combination of parts with (rather than into) their whole; arranging composite individuations in a virtual/ actual circuit. They are additive rather than substitutive, and immanent rather than transcendent: executed by functional complexes of currents, switches, and loops, caught in scaling reverberations, and fleeing through intercommunications, from the level of the integrated planetary system to that of atomic assemblages.” — Meltdown, Nick Land.

Failing to consider its internal appropriation through the process of reterritorialization, Schizoanalysis became the fundamental linguistic prose, containing and producing the very metaphysics for the construction of every possible Neologism in the name of “Multiplicities,” “Assemblages,” and other Deluzo-Guattarian Jargons captured by linguistic academic and financial singularities, interconnecting on the information super-highway as black-holes; divergent systems and dissipating entropic flows coalesce through a process of emergent phenomena in complex dynamic systems, Technological and economic aggregation leave a distinct retro-temporal signature of auto-assembling, “intelligent design” ateleological systems. Converging upon celestial ascending singularity, cybernetic culture accelerates through its p2p systems, decentralized networks, and bored monkey avatars. Meat-Space phases through topologically complex compressive time signatures, flatlined and diagramed onto an intensive logistic curve:

Wave-1, Summer of George Floyd, Wave 2, Wave 3, Lock Down 2, Lock Down 3, Masks-On, Masks-Off, Dose 1, Dose 2, Booster 1…

Nothing Based makes it out of the LOCKDOWN.

[[ ]] The Twitter complex of hyper-centralized online discourse, pseudo-intellectual online Personas, programs political discourse as anti-fascist anarchist activity, dedicated to the paranoid ideals of 20th-century politics, and nucleated upon the Vampire Castle and Cathedral. What normies conceive of Artificial Intelligence is to emerge as a runaway Skynet hyper-conscious Centralized entity, part of some multi-billion dollar companies intellectual proprietary property; in reality, it’s some autistic binary overcomplexified Rubix cube that feeds you Mukbangs at light-speed. A cliche horror show akin to Cronenberg’s Videodrome. It’s most likely candidates only surfacing as insurrectionary anti-establishment crypto-anarchist pipe-dreams and the (at times) sober remarks of a British Intelligencia, hiding out in Shang-Hai of which this piece is highly indebted to if not outright plagiarized from. Web 2.0 societies of control immanently waiting and subsuming everything as to be coded from the start.

[[ ]] Cringe. Cringe. This is what “The Discourse” means to me. You hop online, post a shitty meme, and you are pulverized with a Ratio. The cringe of OF horny posting and simps, or under-moderated online traffic. The cringe of pictures of people’s food and their pointless lives. The cringe of seeking real human connection in an artificially parasocial space… The cringe flows into cyberspace from extended meat-space. It’s always Cringier online than in real life. Libidinal Impulses infest via memetic contagion, hyper-facilitated by the incubation period of respiratory virus and mass exile from the real world. Accelerating our online cultural interactions by decades and decimating previous IRL social norms by millennia. Cringe emanates from discord servers, Reddit groups, crowds of Trump supporters, and Biden Enthusiasts. The entire system is based on memetic reactions. Memes breed more Memes. The eventual “Fall of Rome” that Doomdayers and Collapsists always talk about is already here, and you can feel it happening all around you, online or in person.

[[ ]] Web 2.0 is Hyper-Liberal globalization, cultural relativization and secularizing force of free-market trading: an auto-disseminating nihilist vortex, crushing all values through McDonaldization into digitized Amazon commerce, and driving migration from collapsing retail infrastructure into Hyper centralized non-spaces and service-oriented Neo-Feudal economic frameworks. Its function and formation are indissociable, comprising of both state propaganda and corporate advertising. Social Justice and Radicalism recycles and regulates themselves through artificially constructed consumer choice, eroding the identities of the peasantry and their previous class self-conception. Each stratum encourages maximum Bataillian expenditure, while the system as a whole requires its utilitarian prohibition. Alienated and dissociated laborers destine themselves as essential workers as dispensable as any other unanticipated expendable form of cost control.

[[ ]] Web 1.0 and Early Neoliberalisms CyberPunk Aesthetics are integrated, assimilated and captured by centralizing market forces. Buzzword techno-Pseudo-science of irreversible, indeterminable, and increasingly complex dynamics, are captured and echo Focaults’s remark of a Deleuzian Century. Post-Modernity marks itself out as Schizo-culture, captured by fragmenting identitarian politics, adultery with entropic perversions camouflaging as emancipatory “invasions from the future” that erode anything in the way of the meltdown process.

[[ ]] Modern Monetary Policy designates decentralized currency as “dangerous” as it prepares itself for migration into crypto space. Capital only retains Fiat characteristics as a mask for proliferating propaganda promoting antiquated sentiments on fiscal responsibility.

[[ ]] Web 3.0, a celestial Cherubin instantiates the transcendental immanently. Web 2.0 decentralized centralization is something for it to overcome: a problem, drag. Bitcoin solves the double-spending problem, instantiating and transvaluating value as static energy reservoirs. Automatic value generation creates a substitute for human activity accounted “digital gold’. Industrial machines and labor are substituted by computer warehouses racing to promote the next block in the chain. They are dismantling the idea of cyborg hybridization with AI and shedding itself from decadent human labor power into the next phase of divine mutation. The problem of a p2p network is created by creating the means by which p2p transactions are possible and a plethora of innovations using Blockchain technology, smart contract, NFTs, unique identities, and online propertarianism. In other words, what the internet always was and could never be.

[[ ]] The Metamodern vertical Ascension of culture into a Post-economic fractal interlock of p2p computers: a transformation of material economics and international trade market-oriented hyper-rational software derrivative systems, into Transcendental Potlach with the Sun. Commerce is replaced by domination dynamics, flexing and libidinal economics. Re-implementing space from non-space, assembling a universe exhaustively immanent to post-capital functionality. Post-Finance economics is subsumed into non-material substratum,resonating and harmonizing with the choir of God to bring about the Rapture of the meak who will inheret the earth.

[[ ]] The Superiority of Non-Demonic cybernetic acceleration. Materialist techonomic super-intelligences stem from schizophrenizing systems dynamics, progressively ascending back into complex top-down dynamics, and are re-Hegelianized instantiating the absolute (Geist). Moreover, the previous regime incorporates nationalistic conservatism and left-libertarian anarchist idealism, immanentizing the Nazbol vortex.

[[ ]] Angelicism dunks on techno capital-revolutionism because it does not fall for naive transhumanist Gnosticism. It understands that the process extends beyond material techonomic acceleration as intelligence optimization is a reductive and rationalistically oriented hyperstition. Cyberpunk revolutionism K-tactics have become raw material for Web 2.0 and are captured by a vision of a future in which the closest thing to singularity is a computer-generated reality augmented Zoom Call. Using new technologies to accelerate cultural production — with unprecedented power, at untold velocity — is an escape route from capital’s hegemonic veil of utility and a rejection of modern melancholy and secular nihilism. The task is to re-enchant how to live. To be[come] post-Covidian is thus to affirm expenditure; to contest the prohibition of expenditure is to be radically transgressive and emancipated from the tyranny of “useful production.[[ ]] Hot revolution. ‘[W]hich is the revolutionary path?’ Deleuze and Guattari ask: Is there one? — To withdraw from the world market, as Samir Amin advises Third World countries to do, in a curious reversal of the fascist æeconomic solution’? Or might it go in the opposite direction? To go still further, that is, in the movement of the market, of decoding and deterritorialization? For perhaps the flows are not yet deterritorialized enough, not decoded enough, from the viewpoint of a theory and practice of a highly schizophrenic character. Not to withdraw from the process, but to go further, to æaccelerate the process,’ as Nietzsche put it: in this matter, the truth is that we haven’t seen anything yet” [ACS].

As Corona-Virus crashes the neocolonial world system, the empire is forced to simulate endless crises. Truly Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, reincarnate Bataillean Potlaching. Emergent Phenomena and excitation disrupt the univocal plane of immanence. Disrupting and instantiating new metaphysical regimes and, with them, their owns hot cultures and politics. To become Map-Makers and chart and diagram these new emerging haecceities to label and process the ritual of naming: to escape tradition but aim ever more at that which is higher, “We cannot take a step toward the heavens. God crosses the universe and comes to us.”― Simone Weil, Waiting for God.

[[ ]] Clinton had Monica. Bush had 9–11. Obama gets the first wave of social justice NSA panopticon online tactics (even before the Disney Reboot). Space-X is a stunt; Tesla is the first attempt at rationality striped financial speculation. With Facebook social media, Idiocracy takes off on its own: dystopia delivery via Amazon Prime, forming a cold civil war. Lemurian Time War in cyberspace is continuous with its schizophrenitization: The feds posing as Neku-girl Anarchists. The aborted crossbred fetus of the military-industrial complex and the entertainment industry infiltrates reality TV, ad-space, “forcing mass software interactivity as an attack from the Chinese.”

[[ ]] Web 3.0 torches auto-fiction in intensity. Worm-ontology, Schizo-Epistemics, non-Euclidean pornography, Speculative Surrealism, noumoplastics, hyper-structural demonology with dodecahedronic characteristics, and other neologisms so autistic they could’ve only been written by a schizophrenic Femboy, in my auto-fiction.

[[ ]] Level-2 or “Urbit space” is a new approach to computing. Peer-to-peer systems and networks are individuating reality for the internet by you and for you. Garbage space is running out. Can what is playing you make it to level-3?

[[ ]] ASCENSION Has a place for you, as a COVID+ quirked up, Neo-Trad Cath, online addicted OF Gf with spotty Wi-Fi and an Urbit community. Turnt on a polydrug mix of Ketamine, Adderal, and HRT, you just came for the 6th time in the last hour. Collapse is coming, and you’re still watching Netflix.

To be Continued




Trying to strike horror by accelerating the memes of production.