2 min readDec 22, 2022

An Assemblage of Internet Randomness, formerly know as <Technolalia>

I wanted to make sure to you all who are subscribed to my Medium, that I have a Substack with a much more frequent publishing schedule. Medium is where I post my edited work and tends to be in a longer post format. If you are interested in this project I go into detail below of the changes in the Newsletter itself formally known as <Technolalia>. If you like my work please show your support by clicking the link below:

I originally started the Newsletter with no name; it was just “cutenoumenas newsletter,” which ultimately wasn’t that exciting and didn’t help the newsletter differentiate itself from the countless self-titled substack newsletters.

I then decided to double down on my interest in technology, philosophy, and culture and brand my newsletter kin to or adjacent to other accelerationist blogs. While this worked for some time in growing my audience and helping me find a “voice,” it limited me in what I truly cared about.

That thing is the ability to explore and write freely about anything.

Now I know that I could and a lot of the time did do that with <Technolalia>, but to me, the name felt dated; it felt like something that I had already grown out of, something which I was holding on to for no real reason.

That is not to say that I was “posing” or disavowing my work under that title, but it felt unfair to present the Newsletter to new subscribers as something that, over time, was less and less what I was describing to be.

“<Technolalia> focuses on Philosophy, Culture, and Tech and how those three categories interact. The content stems from original pieces to curated links and the occasional podcast.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that the Newsletter is gone. I’m working on this week’s newsletter, but it felt out of place to not point out the changes I was making.

As for the new name, [Parrhesia], which is often translated as “frank speech” in English, I find a more fitting title for the projects I’m working on. I no longer feel strapped down to one idea or one “vibe,” aesthetic, or “ideology.” As I stated from the beginning, I’m writing because, “I simply want to engage In an act of expression.”

“[Parrhesia] focuses on Philosophy, Culture, Tech, Theology and more. The content stems from original pieces to curated links and the occasional podcast.”

Thank you and I’ll see you soon.





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